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Please Be Advised:  In order to show with us you must provide a statement of health from your vet.  The statement needs to be on Veterinary letterhead.  It should have the horses Show Name along with the date the horse received the EHV-1/4 vaccine.  The paper needs to be dated within 7 days of arrival to the show.  The vaccine cannot be older than 180 days per GR845.  If you have any questions please email Hali Miller at 


Numbers will not be handed out without a proof of EHV 1/4 vaccine.  We are not able to look at the ESP data to find the dates of your horses vaccine.


Please text all stall requests to Hali at 954-591-9096.


In Order to receive the Early Stall discount - stall MUST be paid for online by the closing date of each show.  Early stalls with no payment will be charged the regular stall price.  Early stalls are non-refundable.





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